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Aviator is a gambling game that was launched in 2019 by the provider Spribe. Here we are dealing with an unusual game that is not similar to other slots. On the playing field there is an airplane, which when taking off increases the coefficient of your potential payouts, and your task is to pick up the bet with favorable indicators in time, before the plane flies away for good.

aviator game

From a graphical point of view, the game is as simple as possible. The action takes place on a dark background, which looks like a math graph, at the bottom are the elements necessary for control. Among all this stands out except for the airplane itself, but it is not distinguished by detailed elaboration.

This design does not distract players from the most important and gives the opportunity to focus on gameplay, and this is much more important than other indicators for gambling. You can read the basic information about the Aviator game on 1 win in the tally below:

Provider Spribe
RTP 96,5%
Autogame Present as a separate function
Volatility Low
Maximum multiplier 1000х
Bonus game mode Not available

In order to play Aviator in Nigeria without problems and with special comfort, I recommend you to use the site 1win. It is this casino is the highest rated provider of gambling and entertainment in the region.

What is Aviator and How Does it Work?

The most important part of Aviator is its gameplay. At first, it may seem completely illogical and incomprehensible, but after a few minutes of play you can realize that everything is as simple as possible.

This slot gives you the opportunity to get potential wins much more often than other gambling games. The most important thing in Aviator is your intuition.

The whole gameplay is built on the fact that you have to make a bet, and then watch the multiplier grow. When you get the desired figure, immediately take away your bet, as the airplane can fly away at any moment and you will lose.

When you pick up your bet, you will automatically be awarded your winnings based on the multiplier where you left off. As in any gambling game, the moment when the round ends is chosen randomly, so count only on your intuition and never get greedy in pursuit of a big win.

Aviator on 1win Nigeria

How to Play Aviator on 1win Nigeria

In order to safely play Aviator , you need to register on the 1win site and find the game in the list of available games. For a successful implementation, follow the steps listed:

  • log on to the 1win platform in Nigeria
  • you will be prompted to log in or register
  • select the “New User” option and enter all the required information.
  • confirm your registered account in any convenient way and authorize yourself
  • in your new account, add any payment method you prefer for making deposits (bank card/virtual card/cryptocurrency).
  • find Aviator in the list of available games
  • study the rules, make your bet and enjoy the game!

The Thrill of Aviator: Why Choose 1win Nigeria

If you want to play Aviator, you are unlikely to find a better online casino than 1win Nigeria in your country. It is the most highly rated, popular and reliable platform for gamblers.

On the site 1win you will never get lost, because the interface there is as comfortable and clear as possible. Everything is divided into categories, and the site itself has a pleasant visual design. 1win exists in the form of a mobile application, which will give you the opportunity to bet anywhere and at any time.

1win actively uses modern technologies to protect the data of its users. The platform uses SSL encryption, which ensures the secure transmission of information over the network. Therefore, you can be calm for your personal data and their confidentiality.

Aviator on 1win

You should not forget about the promotions and tournaments that 1win Nigeria provides on a regular basis for its users. Among the bonuses and promotions are:

  • welcome bonuses in the form of additional interest to your deposit
  • cashback for your bets
  • bonus on express bets (accrued as a percentage)
  • loyalty program for casino users
  • tournaments with huge prize money

Play responsibly, bet wisely and never put gambling above other priorities in life – in this case you will be able to enjoy the gaming process and not worry about anything.

Mastering the Skies: Tips and Strategies for Aviator Success

Please note that as with any other gambling game, Aviator does not have any particular strategy that is guaranteed to bring you victory. However, some practical tips can increase your chances of success, and can also save your financial situation from an unexpected collapse.

  • First of all, keep track of your bankroll. Set a maximum number that you would be willing to lose, in case it is reached, you should immediately end the game
  • Control your bets, do not make them too big, but gradually increase them. Do not forget to look at the ratio of wins and losses
  • If you do not like high risk, then pay attention to the fact that the plane most often takes off from the playing field when reaching multipliers 2x,3x. When they are reached, you can take your winnings
  • Since the game Aviator has the ability to bet in a combined mode (the game can automatically pick up the bet when reaching the selected indicator, as well as at the same time the player can pick up another bet independently), you can set small indicators for automatic mode, and independently wait for the most profitable multiplier. At the same time, note that you need to make two bets

In any case, it is worth trying different approaches to the gameplay. Note that Aviator is a game of chance and is inherently associated with risk. Therefore, treat it as a way to enjoy and relax, not to make a fortune.

Aviator on 1win Nigeria: Unique gaming experience and big wins

Ready for Takeoff? Frequently Asked Questions about Aviator on 1win Nigeria

What is the duration of Aviator rounds?

Rounds in the game last from 1 to 40 seconds, and it ends randomly within that time frame.

What is the betting range in Aviator?

The bets in the game range from 1 to 100 dollars.

Is Aviator a fair and secure game?

Aviator uses a Provably Fair cryptographic algorithm. It calculates each result on the element of chance, ensuring that all results are fair.

Can I play Aviator on 1win for free?

Yes, you can try out the game in the free demo mode. However, no winnings will be awarded.

How can I get my winnings?

There are three ways of withdrawing your earnings in the game. The output occurs when the player presses a key during the game. Withdrawal occurs automatically when a certain multiplier value is reached. Since there are two betting slots available in the game, the player can easily combine their semi-automatic.


I am sure that Aviator will appeal to beginners and experienced players alike. The new experience this game offers, combined with its incredibly simple visual style and high payouts will not leave Nigerian players indifferent. And the simplicity of the game mechanics combined with the highly functional interface make the game even more unique.

If you want to play Aviator safely and securely whenever and wherever you want, then the 1win platform will give you the opportunity to do so. Register, search for a game and win!

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